Leopard Cory 3-5cm

Indigenous to the lower Amazon region, primarily the Parnaíba River of Brazil, Corydoras Leopardus is found in flooded forest regions as well as creeks and small tributaries. It is often confused with Corudoras trilineatus, a species that is found in the upper Amazon.

Leopard Corys Corydoras trilineatus has spots that tend to connect into a reticulated pattern. This is particularly noticeable on the head. This species reaches an adult size of a bit over 2 inches.

The Leopard Cory can be difficult to distinguish from a few other Cory Cats who all share some very similar visual traits. The four Cory Cat species who share very similar patterns include: Corydoras julii, C. leopardus, C. punctatus and C. trilineatus, all who share a large black mark on the dorsal fin, a barred caudal fin, horizontal striping along the body at the juncture of the dorsal and ventral lateral plates and a spotted body.

In addition to similar markings, all of these species can also exhibit many variations in their pattern, which makes positive identification even more difficult. Beyond the pattern and markings, the easiest way to tell the Leopard Cory from the others is that it has a longer snout profile than the others.

  • 1 x Leopard Cory -Corydoras leopardus
  • Species - Corydoras trilineatus
  • Common Name - Leopard Cory
  • Mature Adult Size -6cm
  • Origin - South America
  • PH Range - 6.5-7.8
  • Temperature Range 23°c - 26°c
  • Water Type -Soft
  • Breed Type - Egg Layer
  • Size - 3-5cm
  • Sex - Un sexed
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