Internal Filters

Aquarium internal filters are designed to give good filtration for your Aquarium in a compact and clean look and are great for nano or small fish tanks (20L, 30L, 45L, 60L, 160L & 200L).

Internal Power Filters are a great additon to any fish tank that requires not only filtration but water movement also, using a powerhead the filter cylces the tanks water by pulling the water through different media.

Our hand picked range of Internal filters includes great brands like Aqua One, Pisces Laboratories, Biopro, Hailea, Fluval just to name a few! The advantages of Internal Filters include that they can hold so much media such as sponges, bio media, fine and coarse filter pads, mesh media, filter wool, and activated carbon.

Most Internal filters will come with mechanical filter media which is a great start! but we always recommend to increase the value and effectiveness of your internal filter by adding Biological media like Bakki balls or Matrix.


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