Air Pumps

At Aquaholicsonline we know that one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of your aquarium’s livability is the degree of water oxygenation. Fortunately, Our extensive aquarium air pump range helps you increase the health and vitality of your fish. An air pump adds much needed oxygen to the aquarium for fish to breath and also supply oxygen to bacteria helping with the processing of Ammonia.

A fish tank air pump or also know as an aerator or bubbler is important and and will improve the health and well being of your aquarium . Air Pumps can be used not only as a way to increase the oxygenation of the water in the tank but also to create beautiful aquascapes. While most pumps do achieve greater oxygenation by creating more surface area in the water, the primary benefit of a fish tank bubbler is to provide greater water circulation in the aquarium. Airpumps are also used for ornaments, filters and under gravel filters as well. The aquarium aerator not only moves oxygenated water around, it is also an important process for fish’s gills. Next time you are looking for a replacement for your air pump or just want the quietest aquarium air pump on the marketLook no further than Aquaholicsonline.

At Aquaholics, we are specialists in supplying aquarium Air Pumps, Aerators and Bubblers throughout Australia, we will have exactly what you need.


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