Pond Filters

Pond Filters are a key and often overlooked component in the world of ponds and fish keeping. A pond filter cleans and regulates the health of the water which provides fish and aquatic plants an environment in which they can flourish and thrive. Without a pond filter your pond can quickly become overgorwn with Vegetable matter an algae. A good pond filter will contain all 3 types of filter media to keep this algae and muck at bay reducing the stress on your fish. With chemical media, biological media and mechanical media pond filters propagate beneficial bateria and destory harmful bacteria that can cause issues for your pond.

The most common issue faced by ponds is algae which can be caused by excessive vegetable matter and sunlight. Most modern pond filters now come with inbuilt UV sterilisers which destroy waterborne algae and harmful bacteria that can cause sickness and disease in fish and plants.



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