Fish nets are an indespensible aquarium tool that is a must for all fish keepers. WIth so many different types and brands of fish nets in the market it can be quite confusing to know which fish net to have for your aquarium. At Aquaholics we know that fish nets are an important tool for tank maintenance and fish care which is why we stock our hand picked range of sizes and textures to take the guess work out of choosing the right fishnet for your fish tank.

Coarse net and large nets are good for large or fast swimming fish as they alow you to maneuver the net through the water with less drag, We recommend these nets for cichlids and predator fish. The smaller Fine mesh nets are designed to be gentle ons amller fish like tetras and most tropicals.Small fine mesh nets create less drag than large nets and are great for catching shrimp or fry.


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