Filter Media

Filter Media provides aquariums and sumps the filtration to keep your fish tank a clean and healthy environment. There are 3 types filtration that are crucial to create a healthy and clean aquarium for fish and Aquatic plants, these are biological filtration, mechanical filtration and chemical filtration.Using all 3 of these filter media's in in your sump or aquarium filter will produce great results!

Biological filtration media or also know as Bio media is a type of Aquarium filter media designed to provide a place for the beneficial bacteria to settle on and form stable colonies. Bio media includes products like Bakki Rods, Bakki Balls, Biopure (AKA Marinepure), Ceramic rings, bioballs and Seachem Matrix just to name a few!

Mechanical  filtration physically traps particles of uneaten food, fish waste, decayed plant materials, and other debris in the aquarium water. Mechanical media includes all sponge pads, filter wool and Japmat

Chemical filtration removes microscopic impurities from the water. Activated carbon is the most common mediaa used for chemical filtration however there are plenty of others such Seachems Purigen, Macropore Gold and Aquaholics very own nirite pads and phosphate pads.

Here at Aquaholics we have all the filter media for your Aquarium sump and Fish tank needs!


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