Aquarium Filtration

Aquarium Filter Media is an integral part in the success of any healthy aquarium. Filtration is responsible for moving and cleaning the your fish tanks water, making it safe for fish  and aquatic plants to live in. The three types of filtration - Biological filtration, mechanical filtration and chemical filtration. All these types of filtration are a essential part of creating a clean and healthy fish tank. With so many different types of aquarium filters it can be confusing to know which is right for your fish tank. At Aquaholics not only do we have a great range of filters for types of fish tanks or ponds, we also have to knowledge to make sure that you choose the right filter for your aquarium!

Our filtration range has everything you need such as canister filters, internal filters, sponge filters, filter media, UV steriliser, protein skimmers and so much more! For all your filtration needs look no further than Aquaholics!


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