Air Stones / Air Curtains

Aquarium air stones are a great way to ensure that the fish in your aquarium get plenty of oxygen. These stones attach to a pump and tube which pushes air through the stone. The porous texture of the stone creates a high volume of tiny bubbles which are dispersed into the water. There are many different types of aquarium air stones available, each with its own specific uses.

Cylindrical Aquarium Air Stones

Cylindrical aquarium stones are one of the most popular types of fresh water aquarium air stones. They have a column-like shape and they come in a variety of different sizes. These air stones are frequently used in conjunction with a below gravel aquarium filter but they also work well as a simple source of oxygenation. These air stones come in a variety of different colours but blue and white are the most common.

Bar Aquarium Air Stones

Bar aquarium air stones have a long, rectangular shape. These work well for creating what looks like a row or wall of bubbles when they are placed at the bottom of the fish tank in a horizontal position. Many people choose to place them at the back of their aquarium so that they create a background of bubbles.

Disc Aquarium Air Stones

Disc aquarium air stones work well with below gravel filters but they are also a good choice for those who simply want a large area of bubbles in their tank. These air stones come in an array of different sizes and you can find some that are large enough to cover a significant portion of your tank.

Aquarium Air Stone Accessories

There are many different accessories that you can use in conjunction with aquarium air stones. There are LED lights which give colour to the bubbles that come out of the stone.Air driven aquarium ornaments are another popular addition. These ornaments utilise the bubbles from the air stone to create a fun, decorative effect. Some of these ornaments look like volcanoes, with the air stone making them look like they are erupting bubbles. Others are shaped like animals, with the bubbles coming out of their mouths.

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