Submersible Air Stone Bubble Curtain 90cm:

BiopPro Hopar Genuine Air Stone Bubble Curtain 90cm Create a Stunning Bubble Wall for Your Aquarium

Elevate your aquascaping and add an eye-catching touch to your fish tank with the BiopPro Hopar Genuine Air Stone Bubble Curtain. This 60cm flexible air wand produces a mesmerizing wall of bubbles that enhances the beauty of your underwater environment.

Flexible Design for Custom Aquascaping Unlike rigid air stones, the Hopar features a completely flexible rubber air wand that can be arranged into various shapes and patterns. Easily position it to create curved bubble walls, arches, or even spell out words and shapes with the bubbles.

Submersible for Discreet Placement
This air curtain is fully submersible, so you can discreetly place it behind rocks, driftwood or plants. The bubbles appear to magically emerge from your decor rather than an exposed wand.

Efficient Air Distribution The micro-porous design evenly distributes air along the entire 90cm wand length. This eliminates dead spots and produces a seamless, uninterrupted bubble wall from end to end.

Promotes Oxygenation and Surface Agitation In addition to its visual appeal, the Hopar Bubble Curtain promotes ideal gas exchange and oxygenation. The bubbles create healthy surface agitation to replicate the natural water movement found in streams and lakes.

Simple Aquarium Installation Setting up the bubble wand is easy. Just connect the included airline tubing to your air pump and position the flexible wand as desired. It works with any standard aquarium air pump.

Non-Clogging, Reliable Performance Constructed from high-quality rubber, this air stone curtain won't clog or become blocked like inferior porous models. It provides consistent, reliable bubble production indefinitely.

Upgrade your aquarium's aesthetics and oxygenation with the stunning yet functional Hopar Genuine Air Stone Bubble Curtain from BiopPro! Experience the magic of an underwater bubble wall today.

  • 1x 90cm Biopro Air Curtain
  • Flexible for positioning around rocks and ornaments
  • Double ended allows you to connect multiple curtains one after another or get more bubbles by connecting to air line at both ends
  • Aerate and oxygenate your water
  • Create a stunning visual effect with beautiful shimmering silver bubbles.
  • Goldfish, Tropical and Marine safe


Product: Flexible Air Curtain

Brand: BIOpro

Length: 60cm

Packaging: Colour Blister Pack


Barcode # 642889757745
Brand Biopro
Shipping Weight 0.1200kg
Shipping Width 0.150m
Shipping Height 0.023m
Shipping Length 0.130m
Unit Of Measure ea
Assembled Length 0.130m
Assembled Height 0.023m
Assembled Width 0.150m


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