Breeding Equipment

Breeding fish in your aquarium can be a fun but also challenging experience even for the most seasoned Fishkeepers. Take the guess work out of Fish breeding using our wide range of egg tumblers, incubators, hatcheries, breeding boxes and more! At Aquaholics we understand the importance of fish care in the early stages of a fry's life which is why we stock a range of breeding equipment from Aqua One, Tetra, Pisces and many more! From Breeding logs to egg tumblers to tank dvividers Aquaholics has everything you need for breeding and keeping fry.

Whether you're spawning guppies or cichlids there is plenty of care needed for fry such as setting up an isolation chamber to keep them safe from other fish in the tank. This is just one of the many pieces of breeeding equipment you can find here at Aquaholics.


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