External Canister Filters

External filters or also known as aquarium canister filters are a great source of easy and efficient filtration for a healthy crystal clear fish tank with little maintenance. Canister Filters are a type of filter that will siphon dirty tank water from your aqurium into an external fish tank filter through a sequence of different filter media, which strain out any solids, impurities or other pollutants, and returns the cleaned water back to the tank creating a healthy environment for your fish and aquatic plants.

An aquarium canister filter is a valuable addition to any fish tank for the ease of maintenance, efficiency and control that it gives you over the filtering of your tank’s water. When properly maintained, a canister filter can easily filter a tank’s water for between 1 - 3 months before having to clean due to its larger area of media and filtration. Further, even with a small canister filter, you are able to choose the filter media that you prefer instead of the predetermined media you might get in a factory-produced power filter. With a wide range of external filters from brands like Aqua One, Pond One, Fluval, Biopro Seachem, Oase, Dymax, Hopar just to name a few Aquaholics have the right filter for your fish!


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