Battery Operated

Battery Operated Air Pumps maintain essential oxygen as well as water movement in your aquarium when no immediate power supply is available. The battery-operated air pump is the perfect solution for transporting fish or as a backup aerator for your fish tank during a power failure. Here at Aquaholics we have a great range of battery air pumps for any occasion from transporting caught fish to back up power air pumps in case of black outs. With great brands like Aqua One, Hopar, Dymax here at Aquaholics we have the right battery pump for any Aquarium or situation.

At Aquaholics our battery operated back up air pumps are made with a powerful lithium AC DC battery to supply reliable air flow for your fish during emergencies for up to 72 hours!

Aquaholics Portable range of Battery Air pumps are perfect for transporting fish over long distances or for keeping freshly caught bait fish alive during fishing. Designed with a in 12v car adapter plug moving fish has never been easier!


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