Airline Tubing

Aquarium Airline tubing is a staple in every fishkeepers fish inventory. Oxygenation of water is important for the health and vitality of your fish, Air hose is used to connect your air pump to your water dispersion device such as an aircurtain or air stone. Here at Aquaholics we stock the Aqua One and resun brand of airline which use in our own fish room set up. Aquarium air hose is usually made from a soft PVC or Silicon and will be 4mm in diameter (Industry standard) Because the airline is soft you can manipulate the air hose in your tank to create neat or hidden bubbles or features. Aquaholics has airline available in 1m, 10m, 100m and 200m lengths so you can choose a length that suit you best.

at Aquaholics we are here for all your Aquarium airline and air hose needs


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