Rasbora Espei 3m (Lambchop Rasbora)

The lambchop rasbora, or false harlequin rasbora is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Trigonostigma. It is named after the dark band that appears like a lamb chop along its body.

This small, agile cyprinid fish only reaches about an inch (3 cm) in length. It has unique bronze color with a pink blush, which you really won’t find on any other aquarium fish. Its color can vary a bit depending on the locality it comes from, with some specimens having a more intense red. Its most distinguishing feature is a black lambchop-shaped marking on the side.

A school of these dynamic little fish makes a lively display in the aquarium. The Espei Rasbora may be small, but they have a high concentration of color. The slender body is reddish and varies in intensity depending on its origin. Three black spots decorate its sides. The males are more brightly colored, ranging from intense cherry reds to oranges, while the females are usually a little pinker.

  • 1 x Rasbora Espei 3cm
  • Common Names : Rasbora Espei
  • Mature Size : upto 3cm,
  • pH : 6.0 - 8.0
  • Temperature : 23°C - 27°C
  • Origin / Habitat :South East Asia (Thailand)
  • Temperament / Behavior : Peaceful
  • Sex - Un Sexed
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Brand Live Fish
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