Aquarium Fish Food Pellets 1kg Sinking 3mm x 1mm

As a fish keeper, I would highly recommend Aqua Fish Foods pellets for your Cichlid, Native, and Tropical fish. These pellets are specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of your fish and promote their overall health and well-being.

The main ingredient in Aqua Fish Foods pellets is a high-quality fish meal, which provides your fish with essential proteins, amino acids, and fatty acids. This ingredient is also highly digestible, which means that your fish can absorb the nutrients more efficiently and produce less waste.

In addition to fish meal, Aqua Fish Foods pellets also contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which help support your fish's immune system and promote healthy growth. This makes the food particularly suitable for your fish, as they require a diet rich in nutrients to maintain their vibrant colours and active lifestyles.

One of the most significant benefits of feeding your fish with vitamin-rich fish food pellets like Aqua Fish Foods is that they have a high absorption rate. This means that your fish can extract more nutrients from the food, resulting in less waste production. This can help keep your aquarium clean and reduce the frequency of water changes.

Cost can be a concern for many fish keepers, but Aqua Fish Foods pellets offer excellent value for money. Despite being packed with high-quality ingredients and essential nutrients, these pellets are competitively priced and offer a cost-effective way to maintain the health of your fish.

In summary, Aqua Fish Foods pellets are an excellent choice for any fish keeper looking to provide their Cichlid, Native, and Tropical fish with a healthy and nutritious diet. The high-quality ingredients, essential nutrients, and high absorption rate make this food an ideal choice for promoting the overall health and well-being of your fish. And with its competitive pricing, it offers an affordable solution for maintaining your aquarium.

Our Fish Food is NOT Irradiated because we believe fish deserve to eat healthy too.

  • 1x 1kg Aqua Fish Foods Small 1mm x 3mm Fish Food Pellets
  • Sinking
  • Packed in resealable Packaging for freshness
  • Main ingredient is high-quality fish meal
        Contains essential proteins, amino acids, and fatty acids
        Contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C and Vitamin E
        High absorption rate means less waste production
        Small size pellets suitable for Cichlid, Native, and Tropical fish
        Cost-effective option for maintaining fish health


        Provides essential nutrients for fish growth and maintenance
        Promotes vibrant colours and active lifestyles
        Supports fish immune system
        Helps keep aquarium clean and reduces the frequency of water changes
        Suitable for a variety of fish types
        An affordable option for maintaining fish health and well-being.

    What is in the box
        1x 10kg Aqua Fish Foods Sinking Cichlid, Tropical and Native Fish Food Pellet
        1mm x 3mm Fish Food Pellets
        Packed in resealable packaging for freshness


  • Product Weight: 1kg
  • Slow sinking pellet
  • Size 3mmx1mm
  • Suitable for: Most types of fish. Including Tropical, Native and African Cichlids
  • Contains natural colour enhancing agents
  • Protein: 36%
  • Ash: >6% Max
  • Fat: >4%
  • Ingredients: Fishmeal (min 70%), Squid Liver Meal, Yeast, Cod Liver Oil, Soya Meal, Starch, Vitamins, Probiotics, Minerals, Astaxanthin.


Barcode # 642889759428
Brand Aqua Fish Foods
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.230m
Shipping Length 0.160m
Shipping Cubic 0.003680000m3
Unit Of Measure ea
Assembled Length 0.160m
Assembled Height 0.230m
Assembled Width 0.300m


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