Are you tired of struggling with cloudy aquarium water, excess debris, and unhealthy fish? Say goodbye to those issues with the XY-380 Biological Aquarium Sponge Filter - the powerful yet gentle filtration solution for your freshwater or saltwater aquarium.

Unlock Crystal Clear Aquarium Water with this highly effective sponge filter, that utilizes a three-stage filtration system to efficiently remove particulate matter, dissolved organics, and biological waste from your tank water. Wave goodbye to unsightly cloudy water and create a pristine underwater environment for your fish to thrive.

Biological Filtration at Its Best

At the core of the XY-380 is a porous sponge material that harbors beneficial bacteria colonies. These bacteria break down toxic ammonia and nitrites into less harmful nitrates through natural biological filtration. A healthier nitrogen cycle means less stress on your fish.

Easy, Low-Maintenance Operation

Unlike complex canister filters, the XY-380 sponge filter couldn't be easier to use and maintain. Simply lift out the sponge, give it a gentle rinse, and put it back in - no fiddling with cartridges or filter media. The air-driven operation is super quiet too.

Supreme Oxygenation for Fish

The bubbling action from the XY-380's air pump creates excellent water circulation and oxygenation in your aquarium. Your fish will appreciate the well-oxygenated environment that supports their activity levels and respiration.

Stop battling cloudy, debris-filled aquarium water and create the ideal underwater oasis with the XY-380 Biological Aquarium Sponge Filter. Order yours today and experience the difference of superior yet low-maintenance aquarium filtration!

  • 9x XY-380 Sponge Filter with heavy base
  • 9 x Air inlet Pipe
  • Compact size
  • Cost effective
  • Safe for fry


  • Fine Mesh (standard)
  • Supply and Increase much needed oxygen to the water
  • Reduce Noise from air pumps
  • Most efficient way to filter water (reduced power bills)
  • Can be fitted to Internal filters, top filters and air pumps
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Long lasting high quality bio sponge
  • Removes small debris from the water
  • Increases water clarity
  • Heavy base, will not move around aquarium
SKU XY-380-9
Barcode # 642889757073
Brand Xinyou
Shipping Weight 4.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.300m
Shipping Height 0.400m
Shipping Length 0.130m
Unit Of Measure ea
Assembled Length 0.130m
Assembled Height 0.400m
Assembled Width 0.300m


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