Are you tired of constantly battling water quality issues in your aquarium? Look no further than Biopro Biopure balls Aquarium Filter media, the ultimate solution for a healthy aquatic environment.

These ceramic biological filter media are designed to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to improving water quality in your aquarium. They act as a vital component in your filtration system, helping to maintain a balanced nitrogen cycle and support beneficial nitrifying bacteria.

By using Biopro Biopure balls, you will see a dramatic improvement in water clarity, fish health and the overall health of your aquatic plants. The porous structure of the balls creates a large surface area, allowing for biofilm formation and optimal oxygenation. This allows for effective removal of toxins, ammonia, and other harmful substances, promoting a safe and healthy environment for your fish.

Furthermore, the Biopro Biopure balls are incredibly effective at removing detritus, improving the quality of your aquarium and the health of your fish. These ceramic filter media are also very easy to clean, making maintenance simple and stress-free.

So, whether you are an experienced aquarium owner or a beginner, Biopro Biopure balls Aquarium Filter media are a must-have for any filtration system. Trust in their sustainable and eco-friendly design to support the health of your aquatic environment. Order yours today!

  • 5 L Of Biopure Balls which is around 105x Biopure Balls
  • Biopure promotes cultivation of "good" Bacteria
  • Bacteria will detoxify Ammonia
  • Brand : Biopro
  • Product : Biopure Balls
  • Material : Sintered Glass
  • Qty : 5L (approx 110)
  • Size : 50mm Balls (Average Size)
  • Water Type : All
  • PH : Stable
  • 33% Larger Than Marinepure Balls
Barcode # 642889758421
Brand Biopro
Shipping Weight 5.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 0.300m
Shipping Length 0.150m
Unit Of Measure ea
Assembled Length 0.150m
Assembled Height 0.300m
Assembled Width 0.200m


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