Introducing Seachem Prime Bonus 325ml, a revolutionary water conditioner that takes your aquarium maintenance to new heights. This concentrated formula is designed to address the most pressing water quality issues, ensuring a safe and healthy habitat for your aquatic inhabitants.

Seachem Prime Bonus 325ml is a game-changer in the world of aquarium care, combining multiple crucial functions into one powerful product:

  1. Chlorine and Chloramine Removal: Say goodbye to harmful chlorine and chloramine residues with Prime's effective removal capabilities, creating a safer environment for your fish and plants.
  2. Ammonia Detoxification: Prime converts toxic ammonia into a non-toxic form, readily removed by your tank's biofilter, preventing ammonia-related stress and health issues.
  3. Nitrite and Nitrate Detoxification: By detoxifying nitrites and nitrates, Prime enables your biofilter to work more efficiently, maintaining a balanced nitrogen cycle.
  4. Heavy Metal Detoxification: Protect your aquatic life from the potential dangers of heavy metals found in tap water with Prime's detoxification properties.

Prime Advantage

What sets Seachem Prime Bonus 325ml apart from the competition is its unparalleled concentration and effectiveness. With a single 325ml bottle, you can treat an impressive 13,000 liters of tap water, making it a cost-effective and convenient solution for aquarium enthusiasts.

Prime's non-acidic formula ensures it won't impact your tank's pH levels, while its compatibility with protein skimmers ensures seamless integration into your aquarium setup.

Effortless Water Maintenance

Maintaining pristine water quality has never been easier with Seachem Prime Bonus 325ml. Simply add the recommended dosage whenever you're adding or replacing water in your aquarium, and let Prime work its magic.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your aquatic ecosystem is protected and thriving. Elevate your aquarium's health and beauty with Seachem Prime Bonus 325ml – the ultimate water conditioner for both fresh and saltwater environments.




  • 1 x 325ml Seachem Prime Bottle
  • Complete and concentrated conditioner for both fresh and saltwater
  • Removes chlorine, chloramine
  • Detoxifies ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate
  • 5X more concentrated than competing products


  • Brand : Seachem
  • Product: Prime
  • Size: 325ML  (250ml with BONUS 30%)
  • Dosage: 5ml/200l
  • Treats: 13000L
  • Fresh and Marine Water safe


SKU SC-430
Barcode # 000116043007
Brand Seachem
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Shipping Length 0.120m
Unit Of Measure ea
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