Paradise Fish  (Macropodus opercularis) 4cm

The Paradise Fish Macropodus opercularis is often referred to as the “founding fish of the hobby”. It was one of the first tropical fish exported to Europe

With the introduction of so many other species, its popularity has diminished somewhat, yet this fish is still among the most glamorous specimens found in the freshwater aquarium hobby. In size, the male reaches only a mere 4 inches (10 cm) with females slightly smaller at just over 3 inches (8 cm), but it is endowed with a rich and brilliant colour pattern. The body has a blue colour usually accented with red stripes, blacks and whites, and it has a red tail. Males become quite distinguished as they mature, developing very long flowing fins that will extend into serrated filaments.

There are also a number of colour forms including black and albino. Albino varieties can be very beautiful, having the blue colour on the body replaced by white, then accented with brilliant red blotches and vertical stripping across the body and onto the fins. Other common names the species is known by including Blue Paradise Fish, Paradise Gourami, Red and Blue Paradise Fish, Paradisefish, and Blue Paradise Gourami.

  • 1 x Paradise Fish 5cm
  • Scientific Name : Macropodus opercularis
  • Common Name: Paradise Fish
  • Mature Size: 10 cm,
  • pH: 6.0 - 8.0
  • Temperature: 23°C - 28°C
  • Origin / Habitat :South East Asia
  • Temperament / Behavior : Peaceful but might get aggressive when breeding
  • Sex - Un Sexed
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