Red Forest Jewels have some of the most intense, red coloration that can be seen within any natural, freshwater Cichlid species. They are native to acidic streams and rivers of Central Africa (Congo and Ubangi tributaries) and have iridescent green to blue spotting on a bright red base coloration; they also have a black, lateral spot as well as a black, ocellus spot on their operculum. As juveniles, the species may exhibit a black caudal spot, but it will vanish as the fish matures. Red Forest Jewels have translucent fins with the same color markings as their bodies and although the females will usually have much brighter colors, the males of the species will grow to be larger.

1 x Red Forest Jewel 3.5-6cm

  • Species - Hemichromis Bimaculatus
  • Common Name - Red Forest Jewels
  • Marture Adult Size - 5"
  • Origin - Central Africa
  • PH Range - 6.0 - 7.5
  • Tempreature Range 24°c - 28°c
  • Tempreature - Tropical 24 - 28
  • Breed Type - Cave Spawner
  • Size - 4-6cm
  • Sex - Unsexed
Barcode # 642889752733
Brand Live Fish
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.100m
Shipping Length 0.100m

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