L168 Clown Peckoltia Pleco 4-6cm

Formerly known as Peckoltia pulcher, this  species is also known as the pretty peckoltia, flounder plec (in reference to its flattened shape) or chameleon plec. This latter name is quite appropriate, as the fish will change colour depending on the colour of the substrate and other surfaces. It also has a distinctive night time colouration.

It closely resembles the Rio Orinoco species L052 and these may turn out to be the same species as the waters that they inhabit become connected during the wet season. As things stand, some small morphological differences are used to separate the two, particularly the more clearly defined striped patterning in D.brachyura.

When buying Loricariids always check that the fish has a rounded belly and that its eyes aren’t sunken, as these are classic signs of emaciation in newly imported specimens. One final point to note is that extreme care should be taken when netting these as the odontotes on the snout and pectoral spines can easily become entangled in the mesh of aquarium nets.

  • 1 x L168 Pleco Hypancistrus Debilittera 4-6cm


  • Adult Length: 10 - 15cm
  • Temperature Range 23-27 C
  • pH Range: 5.5-7.5
  • Recommended Requirements: Needs a hiding place!
  • It is important to ensure that they receive enough food, especially in a tank of voracious feeders. Feeding just before your turn out the light in the evening can be a good option.



  • An Omnivore that leans towards a meatier diet, frozen foods (tubifex, mosquito larvae, blood worms, artemia), dry foods (freeze-dried foods, flakes, granules), carnivore sinking pellets, and occasionally some small pieces of shrimp, mussels or fish fillet are usually readily accepted. Once acclimatized, it will often also accept vegetable matter such as algae/spirulina disks and fresh vegetables (lettuce, zucchini/courgette, eggplant/aubergine, capsicum, carrot, peas, preboiled spinach).
  • This species usually does not eat algae (it lacks suitable teeth for that task), so it's not a suitable fish to keep your tank free of algae.


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