Whether you are filling a new aquarium or doing a water change from the tap you need a declorinator to remove harmful chemicals and heavy metals, which are found in most tap water, to make it safe for your fish. API Tap Water Conditioner is a super strength, highly concentrated dechlorinator and water conditioner that neutralizes these chemicals and metals that are toxic to fish. It is safe for use with all aquatic life including fish, plants, snails and crustaceans

API Tap Water Conditioner is a super strength de-chlorinator and water conditioner for aquariums. It removes chlorine, neutralizes chloramine and detoxifies heavy metals to make tap water safe for fish. Use API Tap Water Conditioner anytime tap water is added to a fish tank.


  • 1 x 237ml Tap Water Conditioner
  • API Tap Water dechlorinates aquarium and tap water, detoxifies heavy metals
  • API Tap Water Conditioner
  • Package Type : 237ml Bottle
  • Treats : 18000 Liters
  • Dosage: 5ml to 380l of Aquarium Water
  • No Refrigeration Required
  • Suitable for Fresh and Salt Water
Barcode # 317163010525
Brand API
Shipping Weight 0.3000kg
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.180m
Unit Of Measure ea
Assembled Length 0.180m
Assembled Height 0.050m
Assembled Width 0.050m

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