Electric Blue Johanni 5-6cm

The Electric Blue Johanni Melanochromis johannii (previously Pseudotropheus johannii) is a real beauty that offers pizzazz to the African cichlid aquarium. The coloring of both the male and female is very appealing, and they almost look like two separate species. The male has a brilliant blue body with darker blue striping, but the dark colors "bleed" onto the lighter blue creating a checkerboard effect. The female and juveniles are a bright yellow-orange.

This fish belongs to a group called Mbuna cichlids. The male of this species is also very similar in appearance to its close relative the  Maingano Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos and these two Mbuna species can easily be confused. The Maingano is sometimes called the Electric Blue as well, which adds to the confusion, but it is a separate and distinct species. The male of the M. johannii and both sexes of the Maingano have dark blue to black horizontal bands that runs across the back, but on the M. johannii they are often broken up with spots of light blue. Both these cichild species have also been bred in captivity and there are many captive strains

  • 1x Electric Blue Johanni Cichlid 5-6cm
  • Great fish for both the intermediate and experienced aquarists.
  • Scientific Name: Melanochromis johannii
  • Mature Size: upto 7.5cm
  • Origin - African lakes
  • Temperature Range 23°c - 28°c
  • Diet - Herbivore
  • Temoperament: Semi Aggressive
  • Size:5-6cm
  • Sex: Unsexed
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