Acei Yellow Tail Msuli Point Cichlid 5cm

Acei Yellow Tail Msuli Point Cichlid, also known as Pseudotropheus Acei or Yellow Tail Acei, is a popular freshwater fish among aquarium enthusiasts. These fish are native to the rocky shores of Lake Malawi in East Africa and are known for their striking yellow tail, blue body, and unique personality.

The ideal water temperature for Acei Yellow Tail Msuli Point Cichlid is between 24-28°C. The pH level should be maintained between 7.8-8.6 and the water hardness between 10-18 dGH. These fish prefer a moderate to high water flow rate and require a well-oxygenated environment.

Acei Yellow Tail Msuli Point Cichlid are omnivorous and require a balanced diet that includes both plant and animal-based foods. They can be fed a high-quality pellet or flake food designed specifically for cichlids, supplemented with live or frozen foods such as brine shrimp, bloodworms, or daphnia.

Good Tank Mates:

Acei Yellow Tail Msuli Point Cichlid are generally peaceful fish and can be kept with other cichlids of similar size and temperament. Avoid keeping them with aggressive or territorial fish, as they may become stressed and aggressive themselves. Some good tank mates for Acei Yellow Tail Msuli Point Cichlid include:

  • Electric Yellow Cichlid
  • Red Zebra Cichlid
  • OB Peacock Cichlid
  • Rusty Cichlid
  • Yellow Lab Cichlid

Tank Setup:

Acei Yellow Tail Msuli Point Cichlid prefer a rocky aquarium with plenty of hiding places, as they like to establish their territories and can be territorial towards other fish. A sand substrate is recommended, as they like to sift through the sand in search of food. Decorate the tank with rocks, caves, and driftwood to create hiding places and territories. The tank should be at least 55 gallons in size to accommodate a group of Acei Yellow Tail Msuli Point Cichlid.

In conclusion, Acei Yellow Tail Msuli Point Cichlid is a beautiful and peaceful freshwater fish that can be kept in a community aquarium with other cichlids of similar size and temperament. They require a well-oxygenated environment with moderate to high water flow, a balanced diet that includes both plant and animal-based foods, and a rocky aquarium with plenty of hiding places. With proper care, Acei Yellow Tail Msuli Point Cichlid can live for up to 8 years in captivity.



  • 1 x Pseudotropheus Acei Msuli Point - Yellow Tail Acei 5cm

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  • Species - Pseudotropheus Acei Msuli Point
  • Common Name - Yellow Tail Acei
  • Mature Adult Size - 6"
  • Origin - Lake Malawi
  • PH Range - 7.2 -8.0
  • Tempreature Range 24°c - 28°c
  • Water Type - Hard Alkaline
  • Temperature - Tropical 24 - 28
  • Breed Type - Mouthbrooder
  • Size - 5cm
  • Sex - Unsexed


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Brand Live Fish
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