Tangerine Peacock 8CM (imported)

The Peacock Cichlid is a stunning species of fish native to Lake Malawi; it belongs to the Astatotilapia genus. There are at least 22 different species of Peacocks, the majority of which have stunning coloration.

This is in fact a variety of the Flavescent Peacock. It is a manmade creation and not naturally occurring. It is the same size as other Peacocks except with a red coloration. In the wild they are bottom dwellers meaning they will sift through the sandy substrates for food. This will typically be insects, larvae, zooplankton and other crustaceans.

Although peacocks can be semi aggresive, they do live together in schools with 1 male to 4 females. To prevent further conflict make sure you have enough space and hiding places.  We have a great range of cichlid logs available which can help with this.







  • 1x Tangerine Peacock 5cm
  • Species - Aulonocara Sp Tangerine
  • Common Name - Tangerine Peacock,
  • Mature Adult Size - 5"
  • Origin - Lake Malawi
  • PH Range - 7.4 -8.6
  • Temperature Range 24°c - 28°c
  • Water Type - Hard Alkaline
  • Breed Type - Mouth brooder
  • Size - 8cm
  • Sex - Un sexed
SKU LF-Tangerine_peacock8cm
Barcode # 880900589696
Brand Live Fish
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.100m
Shipping Length 0.100m



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