Oase BioPlus Internal Aquarium Filter 200lph

Introducing the Oase Bioplus Internal Aquarium Filter

Are you ready to take your aquarium to the next level of cleanliness and clarity? Look no further than the Oase Bioplus Internal Aquarium Filter. Crafted by the renowned German brand Oase, this innovation is built to elevate your aquatic world, delivering quality, durability, and remarkable ease of use.

Why Choose an Internal Filter for Your Aquarium?

An internal filter is the unsung hero of your underwater ecosystem. Here's why you should make the smart choice with the Oase Bioplus: The Oase's Bioplus Internal Aquarium Filter employs cutting-edge technology to ensure crystal clear water. Say goodbye to impurities, suspended particles, and unwanted odours. Your fish will swim in the purest environment.

Space-Saving Design: The Oase BioPlus Internal filters are tucked away discreetly within a corner of your tank, maximizing your precious space. Enjoy unobstructed views of your aquatic friends while maintaining their habitat's cleanliness. The Bioplus filter offers an adjustable flow rate, allowing you to cater to the specific needs of your fish. From gentle currents for Bettas to robust flows for active swimmers, you're in control.

Experience the Oase Difference

Oase, a German brand synonymous with innovation and durability, has been at the forefront of aquatic technology for years. When you choose Oase, you're choosing:

Innovation: Oase prides itself on pushing the boundaries of aquarium technology. The Bioplus filter reflects their dedication to continuous improvement, setting new industry standards.

German Engineering: The Bioplus filter is crafted with precision and care, adhering to the exacting standards that have made German engineering famous worldwide.

Long-Lasting Durability: Oase understands that your aquarium is an investment. The Bioplus is built to withstand the test of time, saving you money in the long run.

A Maintenance Experience Like No Other

Maintenance is a breeze with the Oase Bioplus Internal Aquarium Filter:

Easy to Clean: The filter components can be easily accessed and cleaned without disrupting your tank's ecosystem. Keep your water quality pristine with minimal effort.

No Noise, Just Peace: The Bioplus filter is designed to operate quietly, ensuring both you and your fish enjoy a peaceful underwater environment.

Ready to transform your aquarium experience with Oase's Bioplus Internal Aquarium Filter? Don't miss this opportunity to provide your fish with the best. Join the Oase family and experience aquatic perfection today!

  • Oase BioPlus 200
  • All filter media,
  • State-of-the-Art Filtration: The Oase Bioplus Internal Filter is equipped with advanced filtration technology, ensuring your aquarium water stays crystal clear and free from impurities. Say goodbye to cloudy water and unpleasant odors.
  • Space-Saving Design: Designed to be compact and unobtrusive, this internal filter doesn't eat up your precious aquarium space. Your fish take the center stage, while the filter works silently behind the scenes.
  • Adjustable Flow Rate: Enjoy total control over your aquarium's water flow. The Oase Bioplus filter offers a customizable flow rate, catering to the specific needs of your fish, from gentle currents for delicate species to vigorous flows for active swimmers.
  • Innovative German Engineering: Oase, a trusted German brand, is known for its innovation and precision engineering. The Bioplus filter reflects this heritage, setting new industry standards for performance and durability.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: Investing in the Bioplus Internal Filter is an investment in the long-term health of your aquarium. This filter is built to withstand the test of time, saving you money on replacements.
  • Easy Maintenance: Keeping your tank clean and your fish happy has never been easier. The Bioplus filter is designed for hassle-free maintenance, with accessible components that can be cleaned without disrupting your aquatic ecosystem.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: No noisy distractions here. The Bioplus filter operates quietly, ensuring both you and your fish enjoy a serene underwater environment.
  • Trusted Brand: Oase's commitment to quality and innovation has made them a leader in the aquarium industry. When you choose Oase, you're choosing a brand that stands for excellence and reliability.
  • Brand: Oase
  • Model: Bioplus 200 Internal Aquarium Filter
  • Filtration Type: Internal, multi-stage filtration
  • Flow Rate: Adjustable, 650Lph Max
  • Size: 120 x 110 x 330mm
  • Power Consumption: 7W
  • Power Cable Lenght: 1.5m
  • Compatibility: Ideal for freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Noise Level: Low noise operation
  • Warranty: Oase's commitment to quality ensures peace of mind with a manufacturer's warranty 3 + 1 Year
SKU 08OA032
Brand Oase
Shipping Weight 0.7500kg
Shipping Width 0.120m
Shipping Height 0.330m
Shipping Length 0.110m
Shipping Cubic 0.004356000m3


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