Aquarium Maintanence and Fish tank care is essential for keeping a clean and healthy environment for live fish and aquatic plants. To assist with easy general care and maintanence of a fish tank tools can be a great help! Tools like scrubbers, magnet cleaners, scrapers and gravel vaccuums can take the hassle out of cleaning so that you can go back to enjoying your fish tank faster!

Correct water parameters are vital to maintaining a safe enviroment for fish and plants, maintanence and water changes can affect the water quality so it is crucial to have water conditioners or treatments on hand to medicated and adjust the water immediately. WIth so many different types of parameters and levels that need to be kept in balance it can become a head spin! With our wide varieties of test kits and water treatments we have everything you need to keep your water quality pristine!


Look no further than Aquaholics for all your aquarium maintanence and cleaning needs!



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