Fontinalis Moss

Willow moss (Fontinalis Antipyretica) is a great plant to have in aquatic enclosures. Its ability to absorb minerals, tolerate lower temperatures as well as low light requirements, are all reasons to consider using it in a planted or shrimp tank. The pleasing look of this moss is great for adding diversity to underwater settings and its close resemblance to other more familiar mosses makes it an easy transitional plant to pair with others. The caretaking for this plant is minimal, making it a wonderful plant to have in any level of expertise possessions.

Fontinalis genus and species are freshwater aquarium mosses, classified in the Bryidae subclass. Fontinalis moss, also commonly known as Willow Moss and Water Moss, are native to the rivers, ponds, and streams of North America. This aquatic moss can withstand still and moving water, making it suitable for ponds or aquarium tanks.

Fontinalis Moss is great for shrimp, guppies, and for breeding fish, great for fry to hide in.

  • 1 x Fontanalis " Golf Ball Size"


  • Temperature 10 - 28 C
  • Light: Low / Medium
  • Ph range: 6.0-8.0
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Barcode # 7427105027351
Shipping Weight 0.0100kg


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