Umbee Turquoise American Cichlid 3cm

The Umbee Cichlid is usually seen in stores as a small ittle fish that no one would ever buy. When it comes to big cichlids the majority of aquarists might think of Oscars or even Frontosas. Umbee Cichlids are found in riverine environments within Panama and Colombia where they are top predators in their ecosystem. Umbees are in many ways the very epitome of cichlid-dom.

In nature, Umbee Cichlids are found in just three rivers in Central and South America. If you’re trying to encourage your Umbees to breed raising the temperature to 27-29C can be helpful. Being so close to the equator seasonal shifts in temperature are never dramatic but small changes can help signal the start of spring and summer. This can be tough because as large predators, they eat a lot and poop just as much.

For a tank of juveniles a power filter will be plenty for their tank.


  • 1x Umbee Cichlid 2-3cm
  • Common Names: Umbee Cichlid, Umbriferum, Turquoise Cichlid
  • Scientific Name: Kronoheros (Caquetaia) umbriferus
  • Origin: Panama & Colombia
  • Length: 18-24 inches (54-72cm)
  • Aquarium Size: 150+ Gallons
  • Temperament: Aggressive
  • Ease of Care: Intermediate to Difficult


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