Kuhlii Loach

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Kuhlii Loach

Natural Habitat

The Kuhlii Loach originates from Indonesia and Malaysia. This fish prefers tropical, slow moving rivers and streams that are shady with dense vegetation.

Maximum Size and Longevity

Kuhlii Loaches have a considerable lifespan in captivity of up to 10 years. They can grow up to 11cm.

Water Quality

· Temperature: 24°C - 29°C.

· pH: 6.0—7.0

· General Hardness: up to 250 ppm.

Kuhlii Loaches thrive in more acidic medium to soft water with a low mineral content.


Kuhlii Loaches are simple fishes to feed, they are omnivorous and eat a variety of foods such as flake, pellets, frozen and live foods such as bloodworm and brine shrimp. They are also a scavenger fish and will keep the tank clean eating the leftover food found on the bottom of the tank.


These fish are quite peaceful and would make a terrific addition to any tank. The Kuhlii Loach thrives best in a school, and it is recommended to get them in a school of four or more. The best tank environment will have lots of hiding places and a soft substrate base.

Colour and Varieties

The Kuhlii Loach is brown in colour with pale yellow vertical lines along the length of its eel shaped body. There are barbells around the mouth which are great for finding food in hard-to-reach places.


It can be difficult to distinguish between male and female Kuhlii Loaches however some indicators include the difference in pectoral and dorsal fins as well as rounder stomachs. Males will have bulkier dorsal muscles and larger pectoral fins. When sexually mature the females will have a rounder stomach due to the developing eggs. They can be bred in aquariums however this does not happen often.






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