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Danios can be found in Eastern India with their natural habitat being flood plains, shallow and non-existent flow streams that have a lot of vegetation. They can also be found in rice paddies.

Maximum Size and Longevity

The general size for most Danios is 6cm however the Giant Danio can reach up to 8cm. If well maintained, you can expect your Danios to live for about 5 years.


 Danios are a highly active fish, and they regularly encourage the other fish to stay active as well. They are a playful and peaceful fish that like to chase the other fish. Sometimes they nip however, they do not cause harm or any injury to the other fish.

Colour and Varieties

Danios can be found in a wide range of colours and patterns. Selective breeding has been used to produce some of the most popular Danios fish like the Zebra Danios or Pearl Danios. Some species can also come in a long-finned version.


Males can be identified by their more streamlined body and brighter colours whereas the female will have a more rounded body and longer in length. Danios are simple breeders and can lay up to several hundred eggs at a time, these eggs will fall to the bottom of the tank to await hatching. It is important to note that the parents will eat the eggs if they are not removed.


 Danios are omnivores and can easily thrive on all aquarium foods. Danios feed at the top of the tank so crisps or flakes are an ideal food source for them. For extra nutrition you can add on frozen brine shrimp.




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