Clown Loach

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Clown Loach

Natural Habitat

The Clown Loach is found in the inland waters of Indonesia, mainly on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. The Clown Loach prefers waterways that are shaded by leafy plants and lined with plant detritus such as fallen leaves, twigs, and branches.

Maximum size and longevity

The Clown Loach in an aquarium can easily grow between 12 – 15cm. The Clown Loach has an incredible life span and in captivity can live at least 10 years.

Water Quality

Temperature: 25 – 28 degrees Celsius

 pH: 6.4 – 7. 4

General Hardness: 150- 200 ppm


The Clown Loach is an omnivorous bottom dwelling fish that enjoys a varied diet of bloodworms, live, frozen, flake food, freshwater shrimp, and vegetable matter.


The Clown Loach is a peaceful fish and is a welcome addition to a community tank. It is recommended to keep them away from aggressive fish tanks as this will stress the Clown Loach out.

Colour and Varieties

The Clown Loach is well known for its reddish orange colour and its three wide vertical stripes on the body.


It is exceedingly rare to breed loaches in an aquarium as there are many requirements for ideal breeding conditions. The Clown Loach is sexually dimorphic with the females being plumper with a straight tipped tail whereas the male tail will curve inwards.

Diseases and Treatments

Clown Loach are highly susceptible to white spot due to them being scaleless. They are also overly sensitive to medications containing formalin and copper sulphate. It is recommended to only use half doses.





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