Borneo Sucker – Pseudogastromyzon Myersi

Borneo Sucker – Pseudogastromyzon Myersi main image Borneo Sucker – Pseudogastromyzon Myersi image

Borneo Sucker – Pseudogastromyzon Myersi

Also known as Butterfly Pleco, Chinese Hill Stream Loach, Myers Hill Stream Loach or Hill Stream Loach.

Natural Habitat

The Borneo Sucker is a freshwater loach originally found in Malaysia and Borneo and they prefer shallow, clear, fast-flowing waters.

Maximum Size and Longevity

The maximum size Borneo Suckers grow is 6cm with a life span of 2 – 4 years.

Water Quality

  • Temperature: 20°C - 25°C.
  • PH: 6.0– 7.5
  • General Hardness: 50 ppm – 150 ppm


Borneo Suckers thrive best on a variety of foods such as sinking dried foods, live or frozen daphnia, brine shrimp or bloodworm. Its also important to create an environment where algae can grow as this is necessary for their optimum health.


The Spotted Borneo Sucker is a very social species, especially as an adult, so it should be kept in groups. Most small Rasboras, Tetras, Hill Stream Loaches, Gobies, and other small, peaceful fish are good tankmates for this species. Since they inhabit similar waterways, many smaller freshwater Goby species are ideal tankmates as well. Due to its small size and diet, the Borneo Sucker can also be kept with Dwarf Shrimp, although it might eat a few of their fry. Dwarf Shrimp are particularly good tankmates in larger aquariums where they can find areas of lower water flow. Peaceful bottom-dwelling fish are also a possibility, but care must be taken to make sure that the Borneo Sucker is not outcompeted for food.

Colour and Varieties

The colours and varieties of Borneo Suckers are diverse with lots of colours and patterns.


Borneo Suckers are dimorphic meaning that they physically look remarkably similar although males will be bigger and when breeding will display prominent nasal tubercles and more intense colouration. Females like to lay their eggs in substrate and can lay up to seven hundred eggs with the incubation period lasting 3 days.


Borneo Suckers like well oxygenated water, to achieve this you will need an effective power head or filter to ensure good water movement and sufficient aeration.




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