Angelfish - Pterophyllum Scalare

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Angelfish - Pterophyllum Scalare

Angelfish also known as Pterophyllum Scalare are an incredibly beautiful species of fish. Its calm swimming and unique shape make this fish a popular addition to any aquarium. Angelfish come in an enormous range of colours as well long fin varieties, these fish look like disks with long fins on the top and bottom and two ‘feelers’ in front of the anal fin. Angelfish are often described as a peaceful species; however larger Angelfish may eat other small fish. It is recommended that Angels live in pairs or better yet in small schools.

Size range

Angelfish can grow up to 14cm, this often depends on their environment.

Water Quality

Angelfish can tolerate a decent range of water conditions however thrive in softer slightly acid water.

· Temperature: 25°C — 29°C

· pH: 6.5 — 7.0

· General Hardness: 50 — 150ppm

Colouration and Varieties

Angelfish around the world have been bred to develop a variety of colours with many colours now available such as blue, gold, black, koi and marble. In the wild body colours are a silvery white with darker vertical bars running through them. Angelfish eyes are usually dark red however with changes in breeding many now have black eyes.


Angelfish thrive on a varied diet that includes live, frozen, and fresh food occasionally. Angelfish that are 3-4cm are still considered fry and will require up to several feed a day.





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