Betta Male Plakat Double Tail Koi 5cm

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Are you ready to elevate your aquarium to a realm of beauty and elegance? Look no further than the Betta Select Male Plakat Double Tail Koi – a stunning aquatic gem that brings a touch of nature's artistry into your home. Let's embark on a journey to explore the captivating allure of this remarkable fish.

Discover the Natural Environment:

Originating from the lush aquatic landscapes of Southeast Asia, the Betta Select Male Plakat Double Tail Koi is a true representation of nature's finest palette. It draws inspiration from the vibrant waters, where tranquility and energy coexist in perfect harmony. Captivating shades of orange, white, and black come together to create a mesmerizing koi-like pattern, making this betta fish a living work of aquatic art.

Tank Mates and Requirements:

Creating a harmonious aquatic community is essential for the happiness of your Betta Select Male Plakat Double Tail Koi. They thrive in environments where they can flaunt their distinct personalities. Opt for peaceful tank mates such as snails and shrimp, ensuring a serene ambiance that allows each creature to flourish.

For optimal well-being, a tank of at least 5 gallons is recommended. This space provides ample room for your Betta Select to showcase its vibrant colors and double tail fin with every graceful movement.

Food and Feeding Instructions:

Nourishing your aquatic masterpiece is a vital aspect of responsible pet ownership. Our Betta Select Male Plakat Double Tail Koi thrive on a balanced diet that consists of high-quality pellets, frozen or live foods. These nutritionally rich offerings ensure the vitality and longevity of your aquatic companion.

Feeding sessions are not just about sustenance – they're moments to connect and observe the natural grace of your Betta Select as it explores its meal. Remember, moderation is key to maintaining their health and vibrancy.

Unveiling Breeding Habits:

Delve into the enchanting world of Betta Select Male Plakat Double Tail Koi breeding. Witness the dance of courtship as these fish engage in an intricate display of flaring and fin displays to woo their potential mates. Setting up a separate breeding tank becomes an exhilarating endeavor, allowing you to nurture the next generation of these aquatic marvels.

During the breeding process, attention to water quality, temperature, and the introduction of compatible mates are paramount. As the eggs are meticulously guarded and tended to, you'll have a front-row seat to the miracles of life unfolding within your own aquatic realm.

Claim Your Betta Select Male Plakat Double Tail Koi:

Elevate your aquatic haven with the Betta Select Male Plakat Double Tail Koi – a living masterpiece that blends the majesty of nature with the artistry of aquarium keeping. Immerse yourself in the splendor of their koi-like patterns, embrace the tranquility of their aquatic habitat, and witness the captivating dance of life during their breeding rituals.

Bring home the Betta Select Male Plakat Double Tail Koi today and experience the enchantment of nature's aquatic masterpiece right in your own living space. Transform your aquarium into a symphony of colors, grace, and beauty with this truly exceptional betta fish. Order now and embark on a journey of aquatic wonder!

  • 1x Betta Select Male Plakat 5cm

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Terms and Conditions:

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  • Scientific Name: Betta splendens Common Name: Betta Select Male Plakat Double Tail Koi
  • Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Family: Osphronemidae

Physical Characteristics:

  • Size: Adults typically reach 5 to 6.4 cm in length.
  • Body Shape: Compact and streamlined, featuring a distinct double tail.
  • Coloration: Vibrant combination of orange, white, and black in a koi-like pattern.
  • Fins: Striking double tail fin that adds to the fish's visual appeal.
  • Lifespan: With proper care, Betta Select Male Plakat Double Tail Koi can live for 3 to 5 years.

Tank Requirements:

  • Water Temperature: Maintain a temperature range of 24-27°C for optimal comfort.
  • Water Parameters: Keep water slightly acidic to neutral (pH 6.5-7.5) and maintain soft to moderately hard water.
  • Filtration: Gentle filtration is ideal to prevent strong currents that might stress the betta.
  • Decor: Include hiding spots such as plants, caves, and floating leaves. The substrate can be smooth gravel or sand.
  • Lighting: Low to moderate lighting is preferred to mimic their natural habitat.

Tank Mates:

  • Choose peaceful tank mates like snails, shrimp, or small schooling fish that won't nip at the betta's fins.
  • Avoid aggressive or fin-nipping fish that might harm the betta's delicate fins.


  • Offer a varied diet that includes high-quality betta pellets, frozen or live foods.
  • Feed in small portions 2-3 times a day, adjusting the quantity to prevent overfeeding.
  • Variety in diet supports the fish's health, vitality, and coloration.


  • Breeding requires a separate breeding tank with proper water parameters and temperature.
  • Male bettas build bubble nests where the female's eggs are fertilized and guarded.
  • After successful mating, the male tends to the nest and the eggs until they hatch.


  • Regular water changes of around 25% every week help maintain water quality.
  • Monitor water parameters using a reliable test kit to ensure optimal conditions.
  • Keep the tank clean from uneaten food and waste to prevent water quality issues.

Experience Level:

  • Betta Select Male Plakat Double Tail Koi are suitable for intermediate to experienced aquarists due to their specific care needs.
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