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Use an Automatic Fish Feeder in Australia to Keep Your Pets Happy

Whether you travel frequently, or you aren't often home during the day, using an automatic fish feeder in Australia is a brilliant idea. With this simple piece of equipment, caring for one of the most basic needs your pets have becomes a simple "set it and forget it" undertaking. At Aquaholics Aquarium Supplies, we're happy to help you find the right one for your tank. 

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding an Automatic Fish Food Dispenser

To make the right choice, it can be helpful to understand what not to do first. Avoid pitfalls such as:
  • Selecting a feeder without thinking ahead to its compatibility with the food types required or preferred by your fish. Feeders are very convenient, but they also often dispense food only in the form of flakes or pellets. For many aquariums, that's okay. Not all fish tolerate this type of diet, however, and you cannot use an automatic feeder with fish food that you must typically keep frozen between feedings. Take care to ensure a good match between feeders and food types. 
  • Assuming that an automatic feeder removes most of the need to pay daily attention to the tank. While auto feeders are especially useful for when you must go away on holiday, overall, they should not be a substitute for attentive care. Think of them instead as a stop-gap against forgetfulness. You should still watch for signs of illness, such as when fish do not take food. 
  • Setting the feed intervals incorrectly. Be very careful to avoid excessive feeding, as too much food can create nutrient imbalances that are ultimately unhealthy for your fish. The Aqua One automatic fish feeder allows for a large amount of flexibility in feed schedules and the amount dispensed during each cycle. Take advantage of such features.
With these problems behind you, you can focus on making the most of this investment. 

The Importance of a Quality Automatic Pond Fish Feeder

Reliability matters when it comes to a feeder, but there are other reasons your choice matters too. These include:
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of travelling without relying on someone else to make sure your fish survive. 
  • Better regulate the diet of your fish. If you struggle with over or underfeeding, setting the precisely correct amount on an automatic feeder makes the entire process easier. You may even save money on fish food over time. 
  • Free up more time for other tank maintenance. When you aren't merely thinking about feeding every a few times a day, you can put that time into other issues in the tank you may need to address. The result is a better ecosystem overall.
Why You Should Choose Aquaholics Online
Inspired by our love of fish and of those who keep them, Aquaholics Online developed with the goal of providing a singular source for aquarium owners around Australia. From our extensive product catalogue to our personal service available to every customer, we strive to offer an experience a cut above the rest. Explore our feeders now, or send us your questions online.

When you have taken the time and trouble to create a perfectly balanced ecosystem in your aquarium with great water quality that your fish and plants can thrive in, the last thing you want to do is to potentially spoil that by introducing either too much or too little food. Underfeeding leaves your fish hungry and losing condition; overfeeding results in excess food decaying in the tank, which can present all types of problems, including clogging up filtration systems and an accumulation of harmful substances in the water. Problems that increase the level of maintenance required for your tank but that are very easily avoided.

Taking advantage of an automatic fish feeder, such as the Aqua One Dial A Diet Digital Auto Feeder, allows you to ensure that a precise, predetermined quantity of food is delivered to your fish on a regular time scale that you choose.

Ideal for occasions when circumstances dictate that you are unable to tend to your tank yourself and would have to otherwise rely on others to feed your fish, who often – with the best of intentions - tend to overfeed, automatic fish feeders can take the worry and stress away from these situations. And of course, you can still depend on an automatic fish feeder even when you do have time to spend on your tank, safe in the knowledge that your fish are getting exactly the amount of food that they need.

Contact us for all your automatic fish feeder requirements across Australia.

Maintaining a perfect balance in the mini eco system that you have created in your aquarium or pond can be a bit of a balancing act, especially when it comes to providing the correct amount of food for the inhabitants within. Most of the time, feeding your fish manually is the recommended option, as the behaviour of the fish at feeding times can often be an indicator if something is wrong – plus you can watch the tank to ensure that there is not an excess of food drifting down to the bottom of the tank where it will decay of not eaten.

However, as a fish-keeper and aquarist, it is inevitable that there will be times that you are unable to devote the attention to you tank that you would like to – holidays, work and illness can all distract you from the job in hand, and at such times your first back up plan will undoubtedly be to use an automatic fish feeder.

At Aquaholics we supply automatic fish feeders across Australia that can prove to be a valuable asset to anyone that has concerns about maintaining a regular feeding routine, for whatever reason. Delivering a prescribed amount of food at predetermined intervals will keep your fish well fed and healthy whilst keeping your watery environment in good condition.

An affordable and highly convenient accessory, make an automatic fish feeder an integral part of your set up, and take away the worries about ever missing a feeding time for your tank.


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