Aqua Fish Foods Goldfish Koi Floating Pellets 1.5mm 250g

Are you a passionate aquarist, dedicated to providing the best for your beloved fish? If so, we have great news for you! Introducing Aqua Fish Foods Floating Pellets, the key to unlocking the full potential of your aquarium. Read on to discover why this premium fish food is a must-have for fish enthusiasts like you.

Why Choose Aqua Fish Foods Floating Pellets?

Nutritional Excellence: At the heart of our product is a commitment to the health and vitality of your fish. Aqua Fish Foods Floating Pellets are carefully formulated to deliver a balanced and nutritious diet that is essential for your fish's well-being. These pellets are packed with vital nutrients, including proteins, vitamins, and minerals, all of which are fundamental for the overall health of your aquatic friends.

Digestive Health: The digestive well-being of your fish is a crucial factor in their long-term health and happiness. Our floating pellets are designed to be easily digestible, reducing the risk of overfeeding and ensuring that your fish can efficiently absorb the nutrients they need. Say goodbye to the concerns of indigestion and say hello to content and thriving fish.

Boosted Immune System: Just as a healthy diet is vital for our immune systems, it's equally important for your fish. Aqua Fish Foods Floating Pellets are enriched with ingredients that bolster your fish's immune system. A strong immune system helps them fend off common diseases and infections, ensuring they live their best, disease-free lives.

Our Food is NOT irradiated because we believe your fish deserve to eat healthy too

  • 1 x 500g Aqua Fish Foods Floating Goldfish Koi Native Pellets
  • Packed in foil Bag for freshness
  • Premium Quality Ingredients: Our Goldfish/Koi Floating Pellets are made from the highest quality ingredients, carefully selected to provide optimal nutrition for your fish.

  • Specifically Formulated for Goldfish/Koi: Our pellets are specially formulated to meet the unique dietary needs of Goldfish and Koi, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients they require for optimal health and vitality.

  • Floating Pellets for Easy Consumption: The pellets are designed to float on the water's surface, making them easily accessible to your fish and allowing for convenient feeding.

  • Enhanced Color Development: Our specialized formula contains natural color enhancers that promote vibrant and intense colors, enhancing the beauty of your Goldfish and Koi.

  • Balanced Nutrition: Aqua Fish Foods Goldfish/Koi Floating Pellets provide a balanced diet, incorporating essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals to support healthy growth and overall well-being.

  • Easy Digestion: The pellets are formulated to be easily digestible, reducing the risk of digestive issues and ensuring maximum nutrient absorption.

  • Promotes Healthy Fin and Body Development: The carefully selected ingredients in our pellets support the development of strong fins and robust bodies, enhancing the physical appearance of your fish.

  • Boosts Immune System: The immune-boosting properties of our pellets help strengthen the natural defense mechanisms of your fish, reducing the risk of diseases and promoting a healthier aquatic environment.

  • Minimizes Waste Production: With our floating pellets, your fish will consume every bite, minimizing waste production and maintaining cleaner and clearer water in your aquarium.

  • Versatile Diet for Various Fish Species: Whether you have comets, Ryukin, Koi, Australian natives, or cichlids, our Goldfish/Koi Floating Pellets provide a versatile diet suitable for different fish species, ensuring each fish receives the nutrition it needs.

  • Supports Optimal Energy Levels: The nutrient-rich composition of our pellets provides the necessary energy for your fish to lead active and vibrant lives.

  • Highly Palatable: The delicious taste and texture of our pellets entice your fish to eagerly consume them, making feeding time enjoyable for both you and your aquatic companions.

  • Long Shelf Life: Aqua Fish Foods Goldfish/Koi Floating Pellets have an extended shelf life, allowing you to conveniently stock up and ensure a continuous supply of high-quality nutrition for your fish.

  • Trusted Brand: Aqua Fish Foods is a trusted name in the industry, known for its commitment to providing premium aquatic nutrition and supporting the health and well-being of fish keepers' beloved companions.

  • Choose Aqua Fish Foods Goldfish/Koi Floating Pellets for their superior features and experience the remarkable benefits they bring to your Goldfish and Koi.
  • Product Weight:250g BAG
  • Pellet size: 1.5mm
  • Suitable for most types of Goldfish Koi and Tropical Aquarium fish,
  • FLOATING pellets
  • Protein: 48%
  • Lipid: 12% Max
  • Fat: 8% Min
  • Fiber 3.5% Max
  • Moisture 11% Max
  • Amino Acids
  • Vitamins and Minerals
SKU AM-bfff1.5-500g
Barcode # 880245642223
Brand Aqua Fish Foods
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.150m
Shipping Height 0.200m
Shipping Length 0.040m
Shipping Cubic 0.001200000m3


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