Pearlscale Goldfish 5cm

Pearlscale Goldfish are very popular and can be found in collectors' tanks throughout the world. Their hardiness and ability to live in cold temperatures make them ideal pets. Instead of having the long, slender body of the Common Goldfish or the Shubunkins, the Pearlscale is one of the more rounded or egg-shaped fancy goldfish. They have a straight back with a swollen belly.

The Pearlscale Goldfish is usually twin-tailed with a very compact body. It can be easily recognized by its nacreous scales that have raised centers and dark perimeters. Arranged in rows, these distinctive scales look like pale pearls.This is the only variety of goldfish with these types of scales.

Pearlscale Fancy Goldfish are fairly hardy and can be successfully kept by beginners. However, they must be handled with care as they can be easily damaged. Their scales can fall off with rough handling or after contact with sharp objects. Like many of the egg-shaped goldfish, they are slow swimmers. These fish won't win any races, but if kept with other slow-moving varieties, they should get plenty to eat and do well. Many of the elongated goldfish varieties like the Common Goldfish, Comet Goldfish, the Shubunkin do not make good companions for the Pearlscale Goldfish because they are fast swimmers and too competitive during feeding

  • 1 x Pearlscale Goldfish 5cm
  • Species - Cyprinidae
  • Common Name - Pearlscale Goldfish
  • Marture Adult Size - 10-11cm
  • Diet - Omnivore
  • PH Range - 6.0 -8.0
  • Tempreature Range 18°c - 22°c
  • Breed Type - Spawn
  • Size - 5cm
  • Sex - Unsexed
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Brand Live Fish
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