DS-G1 Discus Fish Granules 120g

DS-G1 Discus fish granules is the latest technological breakthrough in nutrition for omnivorous cichlid especially for the Discus fish. Discus natural habitat includes the flood plains of the Amazon where animal and plant proteins are scarce. They have very selective sensory taste and require very high protein and calcium intake, especially when they are at the juvenile stage.

Discus also have a high demand for Astaxanthin and other carotenoids which assists in their colour development. Ocean Free Discus Granules is formulated to ensure that all strains of Discus will be able to grow rapidly and absorb all the necessary nutrients provided.

DS-G1 will also improve the color development in your Discus and at the same time ensure sexual maturation. Ocean Free DS-G1 also contains proprietary feed attractant to ensure the optimal consumption. Ocean Free DS-G1 is specially formulated to suit the unique development of Discus including all strains like Red Melon strains, Blue Turquoise strains, all the Albino strains, Pigeon Blood strains, all the Wild Discus and many more. It is also suitable for all Cichlids. Most importantly, DS-G1 Discus Fish pellet is a guaranteed hormone-free product that uses only the finest ingredients to ensure that your Discus receive nutrition of the highest quality.


  • 1 x 120g Ocean Free Discus Feed
  • 1 x Resealable Container
  • ·  Enrichedwith OF® Opti-SA, a thoroughly tested metabolic enhancer that increases thefeed’s digestibility and absorb-ability by at least 30%.
  • ·  Bio-formulatedwith immune-enhancing substances that fortify your fish’s immune system forbetter health and extra resistance against sickness, thus reducingmortality.
  • ·  Improvesfish’s coloration in 1-2 weeks with a unique blend of natural spirulina andkrill extracts with other natural color enhancing elements.
  • ·  Containvarious nutrients thatensure your fish receive a wholesome meal for enhanced growth and development. 
  • Pellet size:Small Floating
  • Crude Protein: min 45%;
  • Crude Fat: min 6%;
  • Crude Ash: max 13%;
  • Fiber: 2% Max
Barcode # 8887677326129
Brand Ocean Free
Shipping Weight 0.2500kg
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Height 0.010m
Shipping Length 0.050m
Unit Of Measure ea
Assembled Length 0.500m
Assembled Height 0.010m
Assembled Width 0.050m


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