Live Fish Shipping

Author: Josiah   Date Posted:8 April 2022 

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You've just found some new tank mates for you aquarium.. what happens now?


  • When will my fish be shipped?
  • We ship your live fish on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday every week! If there is a public holiday during the week we may suspend shipping for the week to reduce the chance of delays in transit.


  • How are my fish shipped out?
  • After years of shipping live fish we have found that the K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid) method works best. Fish are handpicked (with a net) out of our tanks and put into a shipping bag filled with approximately 1/4 of water, we then inject pure oxygen to fill the remaining ¾ of the bag. The bag is then tied off with a rubber band and placed in a polystyrene box. If the fish require warmth in the cooler month we will place a 48 hour heat pack to keep them warm and cosy for the trip. The polystyrene box is then taped up and kissed goodbye.


  • What happens if my fish are delayed?
  • Unfortunately sometimes delays can occur, in the event of a delay the DOA claim can still be exercised.


  • What happens if my fish arrive DOA or sick?
  • Please take a photo or video of the DOA or sick fish and send it to [email protected]. Once the photo has been taken and email sent please take every precaution to make sure that the sick fish or water from the sick fishes bag does not come into contact with your established tank so there is no cross contamination. We always recommend isolating and treating any sick fish to get them back to health. Once we receive the email we should reply to this in less that 24 hours.


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