Doublayi Rainbow Kangaroo Creek

The Doublayi Rainbow Kangaroo Creek Australian Native have striking colors, with males having an intense blue color, that make for a great centerpiece in the aquarium. Rainbowfish are known for the characteristic large eyes, black or silver band that runs through the middle scale rows, deeply forked mouth, and two dorsal fins.

This peaceful fish is a schooling fish that should be housed in a planted aquarium with plenty of swimming room. A gravel substrate will add to a good environment and, if dark enough, may intensify the colors of the fish. Nearly always congregates in schools of more than 20 or 30 individuals.  Swims just below the surface.  Prefer clear still ponds with muddy bottoms and weed, quiet billabongs, streams and backwaters near thick vegetation in areas exposed to sunlight.

An egg layer, Melanotaenia lacustris spawns over moss in early morning or just after dawn in low to moderate lighting. The fry hatch after roughly eight days and should be fed small live foods such as brine shrimp.


  • 1x Doublayi Rainbow Kangaroo Creek Australian Native
  • Species – Melanotaenia lacustris
  • Common Name – Doublayi Rainbow Kangaroo Creek Australian Native
  • Origin – Occurs widely in eastern coastal drainages in southern Queensland and northern New South Wales
  • Diet – Omnivorous
  • PH Range – 7.0- 8.0
  • Temperature – Tropical and Coldwater 15°c – 24°c
  • Breed Type – Egg Layer
  • Current Size – approximately 4cm (Grows to approximately 9-12cm)
  • Sex – Un-sexed
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