Microsorum Pteropus Java Fern

How can you not love this aquarium plant? I mean it’s truly beautiful in pretty much every way. The Java Fern, scientifically known as Microsorum pteropus is a classic and very popular aquarium plant.

This delicate looking fern adds a beautiful look to aquariums. It’s widely used due to its slow growth, unique shape and ease of reproduction and care.

It originated from South East Asia and is a jungle plant which typically grows on rocks, the ground and around tree trucks along the waterline of steams and waterfalls. It also grows in tropical rain forests, like grass. It can grow whilst both fully submerged or partially submerged.

Java Fern has been in the hobby for a long time, and over the years new varieties have been developed. The most popular ones you’ll find in fish stores are narrow leaf, needle leaf, trident and windelov.

  • 1 x Crested Java Fern  Live Plant
  • Hardy in Nature
  • Suited to most Freshwater Fish
  • Grows easily in foreground.
  • Name: Crested Java Fern
  • Family : Polypodiaceae
  • Size: 15-30cm
  • Care Level: Easy to grow
  • Position: Carpeting Foreground
  • Lightning: Low to Moderate
  • Temperature: 20-27 Celcius
  • pH: 6.0 -70
SKU PA395000
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Brand Biopro
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