Black Widow Tetra

The Black Widow Tetras thrives when kept in shoals of 6 or more fish. They are a relatively peaceful species, although they can nip on long fined fish like Siamese fighting fish or angelfish.  Occasional fighting might happen , but this is mostly emlinated in larger groups.  The Black Widow Tetra feels most at home in a planted tank with shady areas.

The Black Widow Tetra is an active, fast-moving species, which is a great choice for aquarium beginners as they are hardy and easy to care for.

  • 1 x Black Widow Tetra
  • Species - Gymnocorymbus ternetzi
  • Common Name - Black Widow, Black Tetra, Black Skirt Tetra
  • Mature Adult Size - 5.5cm
  • Origin - South America
  • PH Range - 5.8-8.5
  • Temperature Range 20°c - 26°c
  • Water Type -Hard
  • Breed Type - Egg Layer
  • Size - 3-4cm
  • Sex - Unsexed
Barcode # 880111917950
Brand Live Fish
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.100m
Shipping Length 0.100m

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