3 Spot Gourami -Trichopodus trichopterus 5cm

The Three Spot Gourami Trichopodus trichopterus, is a beautiful and durable aquarium fish. This is an ideally excellent first fish for people new to the aquarist hobby. They are long lived with each specimen having a remarkably individual personality. They will use their pelvic fins to feel their environment and even feel their tank mates. They also seem to be quite aware of their owners.  

Did you know that its name is derived from the two spots on its side with a third spot being the eye?

Gourami species have gills like all fishes, but they perform an auxiliary function. If you leave the fish without any access to the water surface for a long time, they will suffocate and die.


  • 1x 3 Spot Gourami 5cm
  • Scientific Name : 3 Spot Gourami -Trichopodus trichopterus
  • Common Names : 3 Spot Gourami
  • Mature Size : 15 cm,
  • pH : 6.0 - 8.8 (but can be higher.)
  • Temperature : 23°C - 28°C
  • Origin / Habitat :Asia
  • Temperament / Behavior : Peaceful but might get aggressive when breeding
  • Sex - Un Sexed
Barcode # 880787592369
Brand Live Fish
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.100m
Shipping Length 0.100m
Shipping Cubic 0.003000000m3



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