Lighting is a vital element of a successful aquarium. More than just highlighting the wonderful colours of the inhabitants of your tank, light plays an important role in the health and vitality of plants and corals too.

These days LED aquarium lighting is the first choice for most aquarists. LED lights are more economical to run and also generate less heat than more older style fluorescent tube or metal halide style systems, but more importantly than this they offer a degree of control that was not previously available.

Our range of LED fish tank lights here at Aquaholics has lights for every situation, every tank. Available in a comprehensive range of sizes for tanks from 30 -180cm each light comes with everything you need to put it into use right away.

Our Biopro Tropical Glow lights are the ‘all-rounders’ and will be suitable for many home aquariums, providing a combination of light colours that will enhance the colours of your fish and be healthy for your aquatic plants too.

With a little more emphasis on assisting photosynthesis, the Dymax series of full spectrum lights are best suited for the more heavily planted aquarium, while their critically balanced combination of light colours is still perfect for naturally highlighting your fish.

But for ultimate control of light spectrum colours, intensity and timing, The Nemo Light Aqua Fresh Controllable series takes some beating, and is also available in marine and freshwater versions.

At Aquaholics, specialists in supplying aquarium LED lighting throughout Australia, we will have exactly what you need.



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