Fire Mouth -Red Breasted Cichlid 5cm+

The Firemouth Cichlid is often recommended as a great first cichlid for beginners to cichlid keeping. The Firemouth Cichlid can be extremely hardy and will tolerate a wide range of water parameters.
The Firemouth Cichlid get their common name "firemouth" because of the display of the males in this species around spawning time. They develop a red coloration on the bottom side of the body and can extend the red area under the gills to warn other fish to keep out of their territory. The Firemouth cichlid is not picky when it comes to fish food. Flakes live and frozen foods are taken with gusto.


  • 1x Thorichthys meeki -Red Breasted Cichlid 5cm+

Fish Specifications:

  • Scientific Name : Thorichthys meeki
  • Common Names : Red Breasted Cichlid
  • Firemouth Cichlid Care Level : Easy to Moderate
  • Size : 17 cm,(6.7 inches) possibly larger
  • pH : 6.5 - 7.5
  • Temperature : 24°C - 27°C
  • Lifespan : 8 years or longer
  • Origin / Habitat : Central America, Belize river, Mexico, Guatemala
  • Firemouth Cichlid Temperament / Behavior : May get aggressive when they form pairs and are breeding.
  • Size - 5cm +
  • Sex - Unsexed


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Brand Live Fish
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