Dovii Para Chromis Dovii 5cm


Parachromis dovii, the guapote, rainbow bass, or wolf cichlid, is a species of cichlid native to Central America where it occurs on both slopes of Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.


The Dovii Cichlid is considered an aggressive Cichlid with other cichlids around, but do not allow that to get in the way of having the Wolf Cichlid.  These fish can be very friendly with their fish owner pointing to their intelligence.

The grown Dovvi has a muscular body and the males have a bright gold to a bright yellow background which can be speckled. It has green and red on the head and the base of the dorsal fin, with blue-green fins and tail. The females are almost entirely yellow.

Their big teeth, make you think of the wolf in red riding hood, ferocious, and big so watch out especially if they have fry which needs protecting.

The Dovii Wolf Cichlid,  will become a large fish, which means that they need a good amount of swimming space.  They also like hiding so tunnels and objects in your tank is important.

The Dovii is a great fish with character, which can live around 25-30 years yet it is not demanding and can adjust to a variety of water parameters.



  • 1x Dovii 5cm
  • Species -Parachromis dovii
  • Common Name - Dovii Rainbow Bass Wolf Cichlid
  • Marture Adult Size - 72cm
  • Origin - Central Americas
  • PH Range - 6.0 - 7
  • Tempreature Range 24°c - 30°c
  • Breed Type - Egg Layer
  • Size - 5-6cm
  • Sex - Unsexed


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