L333 displays a very dark brown to black body with white lines.
Looks very similar to L066, but L066 has more of a white body base colouration with black lines on top! L333 is also stubbier from head to tail.

Prefers meaty foods like shrimps, larvae or quality tablets. May even show interest in some vegetables.

Sand substrate, wood and many caves for the males to hide. Plants are welcome but not necessary, will sometimes be eaten.

Very good tankmate for any fish living at the top of the water column. Much more demanding of the aquarist if attempting to keep together with Corydoras or other ground-living fish.

  • Species –  Hypancistrus sp.
  • Common Name – L333 pleco
  • Mature Adult Size – 15 cm
  • Origin – Rio Xingu, Brazil
  • PH Range – 6.4 -7.2
  • Temperature Range – 26°c – 30°c
  • Water Type – Soft
  • Breed Type – Egg layer, cave spawner
  • Size – 3-4 cm
  • Sex – Unsexed


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