A peaceful species which can be maintained in a well-chosen community, but should not be maintained alongside other Hypancistrus sp. in order to prevent hybridisation.

Easily identified by the colour pattern comprising brown to black base with large whitish to yellow spots.

Best maintained in an aquarium with a substrate of variably-sized rocks, sand, fine gravel, and some water-worn boulders. This can be further furnished with driftwood branches, terracotta pipes, plant pots, etc., arranged to form a network of nooks, crannies, shaded spots, and broken lines of sight. A moderate-to-high proportion of dissolved oxygen and some water movement are also appreciated, meaning power filter(s), additional powerhead(s), or airstone(s) should be employed as necessary.

In the aquarium it should be offered a varied diet comprising sinking dried foods, frozen Daphnia, brine shrimp or mosquito larvae. Home-made foods using a mixture of natural ingredients bound with gelatin are very useful since they can be tailored to contain fresh vegetables, Spirulina, etc., alongside meatier ingredients.


Fish Specifications

Species –  Hypancistrus sp.
Common Name – L201 Orinoco Angel
Mature Adult Size – 12cm
Origin – Rio Orinoco, Venezuela
PH Range – 6.5 -7.5
Temperature Range – 26°c – 30°c
Water Type – Soft to slightly acidic
Breed Type – Egg layer, cave spawner
Size – 9cm
Sex – Female


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