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Ordering fish online has never been so easy.............

Here at Aquaholics we specialise in African Cichlids, mostly the lake malawi species but also some from the surrounding lakes like Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria.

All our fish come from premium lines and because we are the experts in this class you won't get anything else but what you pay for. We have been line breeding African Cichlids for almost 15 years and are considered to be one of the best suppliers in Australia..

We have now gone from wholesalers that deal direct with your local aquariums to retailers offering wholesale prices direct to the public.

How do we ship and when?

All our fish are fasted 3 days prior to shipping so we only ship orders out on Mondays and Tuesdays (WA Orders) Orders are collected online from Tues-Sunday the week prior to shipping. We pack all our fish in CLEAN water  and use pure oxygen in all our bags. We only ship using square bottom bags to ensure your fish are safe. During the winter months we ship using heat packs to ensure your fish arrive nice and warm :)

* PUBLIC HOLIDAYS - In the event of a public holiday we can't ship your orders on those days. When a public holiday falls on a monday or tuesday orders will be delayed.

How long will my fish take to arrive?

Orders are collected from our warehouse Monday afternoons and are then put on the couriers to your area. A courier will then collect your parcel and deliver it direct to your door. For most places in Australia the fish will arrive overnight but in some cases it may take up to 2 days..

to see if you are in the overnight service area please use the startrack shipping calculator which can be located here


UNDER 24 HOURS (in most cases)



Who do we ship with and how much does it cost?

We ship using StarTrack door to door  air express services (most places overnight) and Fastways Premium Road services (air-conditioned). We have a flat rate charge of only $20 shipping for most fish orders (see surcharges below).


  • WA will incur a $5 Postage Surcharge (please note this does not include any Quarantine Inpection Charges)
  • Orders of less than 6 fish will incure a $5 surcharge


Will you ship to my area?

We ship to most areas in Australia, however due to some states quaratine restrictions we are unable to ship to the NT and Tasmania.

WA Customers - A $63 Quaratine inspection may apply (not included in sale)

Will My fish arrive safe?

We have been shipping fish for many years with great success but the unexpected can still happen. Occasionally a fish may arrive D.O.A due to uncontrollable circumstances or something as simple as aggression in a bag. Here at Aquaholics we do have a D.O.A policy and more can be read about how to make a claim  HERE

Can we request sexes of fish?

Here at Aquaholics we sell only the best quality fish at wholesale prices direct to the public. We do not allow the picking and choosing of sexes of fish. This makes it fair on everyone and ensure we have a good male to female ratio to sell.

How do i know what size the fish are?

Approximate sizes of the fish are listed online in the listings. Although we request fish from our selected breeders to be of a certain size at times those sizes may not be accurate. Please allow for a variation of size + or - 20%

Am i guaranteed what i ordered?

Keeping exact numbers of fish online is a difficult task and actualy avaliable qty will vary from time of placeing orders and orders being packed. Placing orders online does not 100% secure you the order at the time of payment recieved all live fish online orders are packed and sent with avaliablity on the day of packing. IF we are short in fish QTY we will refund any out of stocks or short orders. We do not substitute fish without the buyers consent.. 


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